Our Story

We have been asked so many times why a Yogurt Store? Our answer has been consistently the same... Why Not?  

In 2016; in an effort to bring a major yogurt chain to our community we applied to a franchise in which approved us to be franchisee, but did not want our location (Forest Park, GA).  For them theirs a formula to success and they tell you where your location is going to be.  For us; It was our investment;  It was us taking the chance; it was us believing in more and wanting more for our community ; we were not going to budge on the location; we were not willing to settle for anything less..  

Ultimately, We knew that we had to create our own brand and our own franchise. We wanted to have a place that families could come; that young couples could go on a date; a place where people could have  a clean environment; and get amazing customer service; a place where people could be comfortable. 

We created the brand "YoJay's  in which the "Yo" is for Yogurt and the "Jay" is our daughter's name. Even though "Yo" is for Yogurt we are a frozen treat shop and on July 4th, 2017 YoJay's opened it's door and our Grand Opening was a huge success! Everyone in our community came out to grab a frozen treat cup!. 

Our Frozen Treat shop servers Sorbet, Gelato, Yogurt, and Italian Ice with over 60+ toppings.  

YoJay's now has a Mobile Trailer Unit in conjunction with our Store and we are slated to open another 5 Stores within the next few year's!